Why fundamentalists do well in missional churches

I’ve noticed that people with fundamentalist backgrounds tend to do well in missional churches.  Now I know “fundamentalist” is a broad term and “missional” is a broad term, but I need to say something, right? Fundamentalism Fundamentalism was a movement that grew in part as a reaction to theological liberalism. Fundamentalists were a group ofContinue reading “Why fundamentalists do well in missional churches”

The space between expectations and reality is called disappointment

Imagine Satan shows up before God and the council of angels and, just like the original story, wants to test Job. But in this particular permutation of the story, God says no. Don’t hurt his body, don’t hurt his children, don’t even hurt his livestock. So Satan pulls out plan B. “Can I lie toContinue reading “The space between expectations and reality is called disappointment”

Learn to Fall

“In other words,” [Bree] continued, “you can’t ride. That’s a drawback. I’ll have to teach you as we go along. If you can’t ride, can you fall?” “I suppose anyone can fall,” said Shasta.“I mean can you fall and get up again without crying and mount again and fall again and yet not be afraid ofContinue reading “Learn to Fall”

Book review: Evangelism in a Skeptical World – Sam Chan

Christianity is true. Now, if that is the case, it makes sense that worldviews that deny Christianity are false. And since they are false, if you poke and prod them enough, you will find the (sometimes gaping) holes in them. Now there is a very unfortunate tendency among some Christians to find those holes, tellContinue reading “Book review: Evangelism in a Skeptical World – Sam Chan”