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Why Cosmology Matters

“Actually, we believe that Christianity started at the creation of the world.” I was going back and forth with one of my friends who was giving his account of why he didn’t believe in any religion. He spoke generally about the age of religions. About how Islam was predated by Christianity which was predated byContinue reading “Why Cosmology Matters”

My Favorite Books of 2021

I know I’m a little bit behind everyone else on my “top 10 books” list, but we just moved to a new city, and I think I’m finally getting back to my old rhythms. These are the top 10 books that I enjoyed in 2021. 10. Evangelism as Exiles-Elliot ClarkClark is painfully biblical, painful becauseContinue reading “My Favorite Books of 2021”

Letters of Recommendation

We don’t like to admit it, but who you know is sometimes as-if not more-important than how good you are at something. We’ve gone through some hiring in our office recently, and a well-connected 3.5 GPA absolutely beats out a 4.0 that nobody knows. It’s hard to overstate the power of a good recommendation. ButContinue reading “Letters of Recommendation”

Drilling and Blasting

I don’t know if I can recommend “Center Church” by Timothy Keller enough. I’m not a big “re-reader,” but I’m going through his book again. And I’m so glad I am, the book is full of ways to engage with culture, one of the most helpful being his analogy of drilling and blasting. Keller expressesContinue reading “Drilling and Blasting”

The Untouched Part

I just finished “The Untouched Part” by Eunice-Pauline Olatunji. I’ll be honest, I have some mixed feelings about this book. Though there are some helpful parts, there are also some things I definitely would have done differently. Review The COVID-19 pandemic shook a lot of our categories. A fast-paced, unreflective world forced to stop traveling,Continue reading “The Untouched Part”

Job: a poem

Job is a surprisingly encouraging book when we suffer. Not because it makes our suffering any less, but because it kills the lies that make suffering unbearable. Lies that we didn’t think we believed, but can crop up when we see intense suffering, either in our lives or in the lives of others. Lies like,Continue reading “Job: a poem”


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